Familiar Gardens
Gardening is so much more than growing plants. It is the anticipation of summer. It is family. It is giving, sharing and learning. It is a place to think. It is a place to work things out, to understand the things that are affecting us. Just like photography, it is a process that heals.

For me, as the youngest in a family with a history of depression, the garden is a sanctuary that I have only recognised within the past two years. Knowledge has been passed from my Granddad, to my mother, and then to me – and it is likely that depression has been passed down along the same lineage.

However, this is not a project about depression. This is a project about the joy of gardening, and how it has brought me and my family together, allowing us to flourish.

As well as being a personal exploration, this project also aims to examine more broadly the relationships between gardening, mental health and family relationships in an attempt to uncover why we garden, and how it helps us.